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About us


The Gail's Grooming program is a unique, cage-free program that offers a fun way for your pet to stay looking his best! Your pet visits  and enjoys a day filled with fun and socialization. Grooming services are provided according to your preferences. This makes the grooming a much more enjoyable experience for your pet.

Our program offers a way to maintain your pet's health and beauty with more frequent and less time consuming maintenance grooming services and at the same time fulfilling his needs with socialization and lots of fun and exercise in a dog friendly, pack environment. Your pet has an incredible day every day.

A typical day at Gail's Grooming includes freedom to play all day long on our spacious farm in Oxford, Massachusetts. Whether it's playing ball, running, wrestling, splashing in the pools, socializing with his best friends or relaxing in the sun. Your pet has lots to do all day long and plenty of friends to bond with while waiting to receive his scheduled grooming.

If you have any questions please contact us using the link above. We will contact you about availability and answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at 508-987-1498. If we don't answer, that means we are out having fun with the pack so leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


“Gail's Grooming is a unique, wonderful place. Randy and Gail are tireless, fun-loving dedicated professionals that care for my dog like she was their own.

Dr. Kimberly McLeod


“Gail's Grooming is canine heaven; cage free care , and the best most knowledgeable dog experts in New England. If you're a conscious dog owner who wants the healthiest environment possible for your pet, Gail's is it!"   Tyler Gisleson



"Our dogs (Ziva and Sophie) have been going to Gail’s for about three years now and they are just as excited today as they were when they first started going. They have a blast  playing, swimming and running around the huge yard. One of our favorite parts are the pictures and videos that Randy and Gail take/make of the dogs playing. In the summer we get to see videos of the dogs swimming and in the winter they plow through the snow. It adds a whole other aspect to that we hadn’t seen anywhere else. Randy and Gail go above and beyond to give both our dogs and ourselves a one of a kind experience and we couldn’t recommend a better place to anyone! " Robert Russo



"I met with Gail and Randy, and instantly knew my Jackson would be very happy there.  He is free to run and play without a leash all day, he swims in the good weather, receives a lot of love and attention, and gets a homemade treat when I pick him up.  I can tell from Jackson’s mood and actions how truly happy he is going to Gail's.  When he sees Gail, Randy and all of his friends, he can’t wait to get out of my car.  I can’t imagine having Jackson go anywhere else for grooming."
Pat & Jackson

"The best place ever!! Lily just loves going,loves,loves,loves Gail & Randy & so do we..very accommodating with my changing schedules & take very good care of Lily, never worry when she's there.. Like I said..the best place ever!!!" Julie Ostrowski


"My two puppies love it ! So does their Mom!" Barbara Saad-Fields

"Our dog Oscar has been going to Gail’s Grooming for over 7 years now. It is a great place for exercise and socialization. Gail & Randy treat the dogs like they are a part of their family. We know he is in good care when we drop him off. They keep you updated on what your dog is doing through pictures & videos also. They have so much fun & care so much about your pet! "  Dave & Kristy Reed



"Best groomer ever!! As much as Sphynx is treated like royalty at home, Gail and Randy take it even further!!! Play time, napping by the fire, photo shoots, treats. Does it get any better?"

Jane Loranger

"Just take your dog to Gails Grooming. JUST DO IT

It will change your dogs life and it will change your life!

Stella was welcomed into the Pack at 6 months of age and will be 4 this coming February 2014. She loves playing all day, and with the daily structure that Gails Grooming provides, we love picking her up exhausted and happy! I think that the frequent exposure to other dogs has helped to socialize her to be a sweet and friendly Rottie.

The owners, Randy & Gail, are really involved and accommodating which is great. They offer so many differnt services for Stella, grooming, dental hygenine, flea treatment and a glamorus spa day! They even offer the Bow Wow Bus which provides a ride to two different locations  so we can pick up Stella after work...In the summertime the big treat for her hands down is the dog pools....she is able to dive for balls and leap into these pools with ease while cooling off on the hot summer months...We know the number one reason to consider Gails Grooming is the PEACE OF MIND and knowing your dog is being treated with love and respect.




Greg & Lauri Campanella


"The level of knowledge, care and love they put into their business is amazing. They treat every pack member like they are part of their family. Guinness & Bruno adore Gail and Randy. Thank you so much for your time, effort and the amazing care of our boys!" Brenda Williams


"My puppies (Indy and Eva) LOVE Gail's Grooming. The love and care that they recieve there is the highlight of their week. At Gail's Grooming, our puppies spend time with and play with more than just their "pack", this is family!" Steve Runner

"I am convinced my two girls know what days they are going to Gail's before I am even ready to go. I can't say enough about Randy and Gail. They love the pack and the pack adores them. 3 swimming pools in the summer, birthday parties, and a nice warm fire for the pack to nap by in the winter. Awesome people and a great place for your dog to play with others!" Lisa Russo

"I dont know what I would have done without Gail & Randy! Bella has so much energy and lives for any ball..I would never have been able to keep her without them!! The best place on earth!!" Cheri Matthews

"The MOST amazing place on earth to be if you're a dog is Gail's Grooming!! Ruby loves you, Randy and Gail! Thanks for taking such good care of our crazy collie!!!" Kim, Jeff and Ruby


"Fun, safe environment for my high energy dog, he comes home tired! Gail and Randy are so great. They really care about the dogs and plan many activities for them and they take lots of great pictures. Jack comes home smelling so nice too. We have been coming here since 2007, our second dog to come here, that speaks for itself :)" Jane Jackson

"My dog Sarah Dingo has been part of the pack at Gail's Grooming since 2009.  The dogs are completely fenced in and get to exercise together throughout the seasons.  In the summer pools are provided and in the winter, handmade sweaters are offered on those chilly, snowy days.  I envy the time my dog spends playing there while I sit behind a desk at the office and the pictures provided each month of the playtime the dogs and owners share are fantastic.   I sent in birthday dog treats and there was quite a party thrown featuring clowns, hula hoops and leis. 


Timid and shy around most people, Sarah flourishes around owners Gail and Randy because of their patience and understanding of dogs of all breeds due to their years' of experience.  When caring for dogs, they go above and beyond providing homeopathic solutions to issues that arise through the year (i.e. fleas, illness, behavior, etc...).  The grooming she receives is professional.  On her spa days, Sarah comes home smelling great with a soft coat and shaped nails.  


I have trusted my dog there for years and consider Gail and Randy Sarah's second family." Andrea Lettic


"We have been sending our pug, Bella, to Gails Grooming for years now, and we have never been disappointed. Randy and Gail are there for us when our schedule gets unexpectedly hectic and when Bella needs some much needed attention. When we send Bella to Randy and Gail, she has the chance to interact with other dogs, and we know that she will be taken care of beyond our expectations.
If you're looking for a loving environment where your dog will be healthy, happy, and safe, look no further: Randy and Gail will make you feel like family."



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